Friday, October 7, 2011

Unlimited Funds Friday: Oct 7

New Series.  We'll see how it does.

My senior year roommate in college was Unlimited Funds Dita.  AKA The Chilean Nightmare.  AKA Big D.  When the rest of us were bouncing checks at the end of every month, Big D had the funds.  When we were scraping change to buy beer and pizza (no wonder we all gained weight), Dita would just write a check and we'd be golden.  Thanks Tito!  (Big D's dad)

If Tito were funding my checking account, this is exactly what would be on my list today.

2000 psi 1.6 gpm Electric Pressure Washer.  Wow, that sounds so lezzy.  I borrowed Supawn's pressure washer this week and I AM ADDICTED!  Let me tell you, this thing is awesome.  I can't get enough.  I can just see it now...Will is going to ask me to go to the movies.  No thank you.  Want to go downtown tonight to see a band?  No.  Want to have sex?  Nope, I'll be outside pressure washing! 

I'll stick with the outdoor theme and head to Restoration Hardware after I leave the HD.  I need this table and these chairs for my back patio.  There's really nothing else to say about them other than they are overpriced pure awesomeness.  Let a woman dream.

I just quickly spent about $9,000.  That's enough for today.  Have a wonderful weekend! 

Oh, by the way, my newest brother in law, Noel, makes fun of his new super white family.  But look Noel, I'm pretty cultured.  I have friends named Dita and Supawn.  So there!

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