Monday, March 31, 2008

March 31, 2008 (Day 213)

This is officially the most boring blog post I've done so far. No one showed up to the house today to work. Not good.

Friday, March 28, 2008

March 28, 2008 (Day 210)

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." - Benjamin Franklin

We continue to go over to our house, day after day, and expect work to be done. We are officially insane. Will's going to check me into Shoal Creek tomorrow, the local crazy house. I'll be sure to post my new address so that everyone can send me flowers.

Today was a little stressful. It got so bad that I found it humorous at one point (just another confirmation that I am insane). The tile GUY (notice that there isn't an S on the end of that word) that showed up yesterday morning proceeded to take all day to do about 2 hours worth of work, and I could have done a better job. So, when we showed up at the house this morning, and nothing was grouted, "heads rolled." And boy, was it a site to see. I'm sure the neighbors enjoyed their morning cup of coffee out on the patio listening to the foul language coming from 1257 S. Church Street. Beat that Matt Lauer.

We gave Austin Fine Floors until noon to get there, but their truck broke down. Next thing you know, the dog will have eaten their supplies. At noon, there wasn't a tile truck in site, so Will headed down to a local tile store and rounded up a crew of 6 guys to finish the job on Saturday. When AFF heard this, they freaked out, as they should. It was great. "We have 3 guys in the wings, heading to your house now." In the wings? Whatever. After all of this, the owners FINALLY got involved. So, we pushed it to 2pm, and when the guys that were apparently in the wings didn't show up, I got on the phone with one of the owners and told him that his work at my house had ended and that I would contact him on Monday to settle up. That didn't go over well. So, as we speak, it's 10pm on a Friday night, and there's 6 guys over at my house grouting their little hearts out, and they can't leave until it's done.

I've left out a lot of the details of the day, but it was one of the most tiring days I've had in a long time. Will and I got home at 4:30 this afternoon and crashed. And now I'm going back to bed. Tomorrow, the carpet is being installed. I might take my sleeping bag over there tomorrow night if I don't get accepted at Shoal Creek.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

March 27, 2008 (Day 209)

Well, it worked. HARDLY ANYTHING happened at my house yesterday and I was pleasantly satisfied. Ha! Yeah, right. I had to leave work early because I was about to lose my shit. The cubes around me would have witnessed a great site. It would've gone down in Dell history.

The electrician decided to show up and work for a bit, and the HVAC guy finished up, and that's about it. My house looks exactly the same as it did on Tuesday except for 2 old ceiling fans that were replaced with new ones. I could have done that.

So, the fiasco with the tile guys has come to an end, but not without some yelling (from me), a few choice words (from me), and a stern "talking to" (from Will). After a laundry list of excuses that went from "we ran out of supplies" to "we had to fire the guy," they had until 10:30 this morning to show up at the house or else they weren't getting any money from us. And they showed up just in the nick of time. Will was standing in the driveway waiting on them, and to quote Will, "Some heads were gonna role." I'm not sure what that means.

Hopefully I'll have a lot to post tomorrow (that's me being positive). The tile is supposed to be finished by the end of the day, the electrician is wrapping up, and the plumber should be installing the fixtures, toilets, sinks, and appliances. Then it's carpet installation on saturday, wood floors next week, and final touch ups. And I hope to have some pictures to post tomorrow. I could post a screenshot of my checking account slowly dwindling down to nothing because of the 327 unexpected trips to Lowes, but that would be too sad. I wouldn't want you to cry at work. That's embarrassing.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March 26, 2008 (Day 208)

What took place at my house yesterday? Nothing. Well, I shouldn’t say nothing. VERY LITTLE. Hardly anything. I guess my expectations are too high. I should lower them to average, or below average. Better yet, I’ll lower them to the lowest of low, so that when very little happens, I’m pleasantly surprised. Maybe my attitude would be better with this new way of thinking. Because right now, my attitude is bad. Although, I heard they sell new attitudes at Banana Republic, so I may have to stop by there on the way home from work and pick one up.

Our new HVAC unit was installed and that’s about it. Oh, and the angry drywall guy showed up and patched a few things, but missed the majority of them. I think he’s blind. I can’t understand why this man is always in such a bad mood. Is your wife turning you down at home, or do you just hate your job that much? Maybe you need a career change. You should update your resume on Sunday (Julie should be laughing right now). But don’t put me as a reference, because I’ll tell them that you don’t work well with others, you aren’t a team player and that you can’t handle ambiguity.

The electrician didn’t show up to finish, and because of that the plumber couldn’t get in and work. The kid didn’t even get dropped off yesterday to finish the tile. They are still using the we-ran-out-of-supplies excuse. Maybe I didn’t get a very good education growing up, but I’m just not understanding this. This one has me baffled. Roger said that they should be at the house today and will completely finish the job. I don’t believe it. If the kid doesn’t get dropped off, then Roger isn’t getting paid, and I’ll find someone else to finish the project.

Oh, and if all of this complaining wasn’t enough for you, let me complain one more time. I bought an under cabinet mount vent-hood online in January, and as of yesterday, I still hadn’t received it. I emailed these guys multiple times, and I always got a response about how the piece wasn’t in stock yet, and that it was ordered and on its way, and that my ship date had been pushed out, and pushed out again. So, yesterday, I send an email and get an automated response that they aren’t currently processing any orders. So, I try to call their 800# and get a voicemail. I then try to call their local number in New York and it has been disconnected!! I think they have shut their doors, if there were ever doors in the first place, and have taken off with my money! Thank goodness for American Express, because they have already credited my card and are investigating. And apparently, I’m not the only one that this has happened to. Don’t ever shop at One Click Appliances…SCAM!

I don’t have any more energy to complain. Peace Out.

-Debbie Downer

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Countdown BEGINS!! March 25, 2008 (Day 207)

We are on the home stretch! There should be a lot going on at the house in the next few days, so I’ll be sure to keep you all up to date with a daily post moving forward.

Yesterday, the electrician and plumber were at the house finishing everything up. They should be done by the end of the week. Today, the appliances were delivered, and of course, we ran into issues. These crazy peeps wanted to deliver thousands of dollars worth of appliances and leave them in the front yard at 7:30 this morning. WHAT? I don’t know about you, but that just doesn’t seem right. And, being the smart guys that they are, they sent one delivery man over to the house to deliver a 2,000 lb range. And he was OLD. Yeah, that’s not going to work.

My big issue right now is the tile, and I am F.U.R.I.O.U.S. I was basically forced to use Austin Fine Floors because they are a “preferred vendor” of Franks. Well Frank, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Your preferred vendor list SUCKS. These guys are ripping people off. They charge so much because they think that they have 3 crews on the job, and that they are doing SUCH a good job and are so detailed, that it takes twice as long as it should. Guess what Roger at Austin Fine Floors….there’s been one kid at my house the entire time!!! The poor kid gets dropped off around noon and is picked up around 4pm. And his baby’s mama brings over lunch every day at 1 oclock. So really, he’s working 3 hours a day. THREE. And, to top it all off, he cuts himself and bleeds all over my white tile. What’s up with that? And Roger, did you know that there hasn’t been anyone at my house in 3 days? Apparently you ran out of supplies. Well, when I was at Home Depot yesterday, I saw grout for sale. GO BUY SOME.

But, I can’t complain about the poor kid that you pay $3 per hour but charge me $150, because he does good work. He’s making a killing and sending it back home to his family, because you think he’s working 8 hours a day. The kid has a pretty good gig and doesn’t have to speak a lick of English all day. Here’s some advice to you about future orders. Set better expectations. Let the homeowner know that if they are redoing a tiny bathroom, it will take about 2 months. Tell them that there’s a possibility that you might run out of supplies in the middle of the project. And give every customer a new bottle of bleach with every order, so that when the kid bleeds all over the floor, they can clean it up. Just a few suggestions. But what do I know? You are the expert.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Time to start packing!

Our move-in date is on the horizon. I'm not going to say it out loud because that will just jinx it, but I can count the days on my fingers and a few toes. I can see it on my calendar in outlook without having to scroll forward through the months! I've even taken the day off work to move in. I'm just not going to say the date....something would go terribly wrong. I've convinced myself that if I had just shut up during the past 6 months, that maybe we would have moved in sooner. Like the bartender at the country club says, I have diarreha of the mouth. I need to work on that.

Here are a few pics of the latest at the house.




Saturday, March 15, 2008

It was a beautiful day in Georgetown, TX yesterday. The sun was out, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. And there were 3 different tradesmen at the Burleson's. THREE. AT ONE TIME. There was only one thing a girl could do....celebrate with a few adult beverages on the patio. Cheers!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

15 watts

It’s not very bright, but we have a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s one of those small weak light bulbs that you put in an ugly accent lamp from Kirkland’s. I’d like to have a spotlight, attached to a Chevy 4x4 truck with a case of beer in the back. But at this point, I’m not going to be picky. Kirkland’s will do.

The IDIOT trim carpenter’s are at the house now, installing the baseboards, door jams, bookshelves, and beautiful crown molding. The painters are scheduled to finish painting tomorrow. Then all of the tile will be installed in the bathrooms and kitchen, the granite countertops will go in, and lastly, the wood floors will be sanded and refinished. After that, it’s just fixture and appliance installations and finishing touches.

What did you say? That shouldn’t take that long? Ha! Yeah right. I hired Frank, remember? And I’ll bet money on it that he’ll find a way to make this a long and painful process.

Monday, March 3, 2008

This one's for you, Kate.

As if my crying episode at work last week wasn’t enough, I went to the doctor on Friday morning to get the results of my LEAP test, or food sensitivities test. I’m not going to go into a ton of background b/c most of you know that I’ve been living with “issues” for 30 years and I’ve finally decided to do something about it. Basically, they took a TON of my blood and tested it against every type of food known to man. So, Friday morning, I prepare myself for the worst. Thank goodness I did, b/c that’s exactly what the doctor delivered the WORST. NEWS. EVER. I am highly sensitive to every type of food I enjoy putting in my mouth.

So, I leave the doctor’s office all stressed out b/c I’m not sure how I’m going to live this new Beef-Wheat-Turkey-Beer-Cow’s Milk-Among-other-things-Free life, and I head over to my house to meet with Frank and the IDIOT trim carpenter’s boss – the guy that owns the company. This stresses me out more. I don’t like confrontation. I fold. I become WEAK and give in. On the phone it’s a whole other ball game. In person, not so good.

So, I pull up to my house and immediately, I get madder. Or more mad? Either way, the madness increases. There’s a 5 series BMW SUV sitting in my driveway. I am paying someone WAY too much if they are driving this car! Don’t pull up in your 60,000 dollar SUV when you know that I’m coming over to discuss why your bid is too high!! I don’t care if it’s in your driveway at home, but you when come to my house to talk about money, you better pull up in your piece of crap 1992 Geo Metro that has smoke coming out of its ass. I walk into my house and I am ready to tackle this guy.

And then, I fold.

This IDIOT is cute!! The same guy that has brought stress and heartache to my life is tall and young and cute. He’s tall, young, cute, smart, and successful. And Kate, he’s free Saturday night. Do you have plans?