Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March 26, 2008 (Day 208)

What took place at my house yesterday? Nothing. Well, I shouldn’t say nothing. VERY LITTLE. Hardly anything. I guess my expectations are too high. I should lower them to average, or below average. Better yet, I’ll lower them to the lowest of low, so that when very little happens, I’m pleasantly surprised. Maybe my attitude would be better with this new way of thinking. Because right now, my attitude is bad. Although, I heard they sell new attitudes at Banana Republic, so I may have to stop by there on the way home from work and pick one up.

Our new HVAC unit was installed and that’s about it. Oh, and the angry drywall guy showed up and patched a few things, but missed the majority of them. I think he’s blind. I can’t understand why this man is always in such a bad mood. Is your wife turning you down at home, or do you just hate your job that much? Maybe you need a career change. You should update your resume on Sunday (Julie should be laughing right now). But don’t put me as a reference, because I’ll tell them that you don’t work well with others, you aren’t a team player and that you can’t handle ambiguity.

The electrician didn’t show up to finish, and because of that the plumber couldn’t get in and work. The kid didn’t even get dropped off yesterday to finish the tile. They are still using the we-ran-out-of-supplies excuse. Maybe I didn’t get a very good education growing up, but I’m just not understanding this. This one has me baffled. Roger said that they should be at the house today and will completely finish the job. I don’t believe it. If the kid doesn’t get dropped off, then Roger isn’t getting paid, and I’ll find someone else to finish the project.

Oh, and if all of this complaining wasn’t enough for you, let me complain one more time. I bought an under cabinet mount vent-hood online in January, and as of yesterday, I still hadn’t received it. I emailed these guys multiple times, and I always got a response about how the piece wasn’t in stock yet, and that it was ordered and on its way, and that my ship date had been pushed out, and pushed out again. So, yesterday, I send an email and get an automated response that they aren’t currently processing any orders. So, I try to call their 800# and get a voicemail. I then try to call their local number in New York and it has been disconnected!! I think they have shut their doors, if there were ever doors in the first place, and have taken off with my money! Thank goodness for American Express, because they have already credited my card and are investigating. And apparently, I’m not the only one that this has happened to. Don’t ever shop at One Click Appliances…SCAM!

I don’t have any more energy to complain. Peace Out.

-Debbie Downer

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