Thursday, April 19, 2012

What just happened?

The past 6 days have been a whirlwind. And now I'm wondering what in the world I got myself into.

We closed on both houses Friday morning at 9am. It was easy, fast and painless. The calm before the storm. And then all hell broke loose. By 11am, there was a three-ring circus at the new house. Within a 30 minute time period, the realtor, electrician, painter, Will and I, the previous owner's daughter, the yard guy, and our friends were all at the house. And everyone needed to talk to me at once.

By 3pm, we had moved in a mattress and a few boxes of clothes upstairs. By 5p, happy hour was underway. Yep, we hosted a happy hour the same day we moved. And as usual, it turned into happy HOURS. By midnight, wallpaper was coming down, walls were being spray painted and sledge hammers were being used. By 2am, we finally went to bed.

Saturday morning came early. Workers showed up at 8am and we got the party started. 2 carpenters and the electrician worked all day...tearing down walls, taking out windows and doors and installing support beams. Let me tell you, these guys rocked it!

And then we had another party. Yes, I'm crazy. I planned a birthday surprise for Will months ago. Way before we had even sold our other house. And it just so happened to fall on this weekend. Talk about a lesson in going-with-the-flow. So, by 7pm, we were dressed and ready to walk out the door....and we didn't get home until 3am. DAMN GOOD PARTY. (more on that later)

Sunday morning came early again. Everyone was at the house at 8am ready to work. By 5pm, I started feeling bad and by 7pm, I was sick as a dog. DYING. I'm not even kidding - I almost died. A stomach bug rolled through our house with a vengence. And then Will got it.

Two sick parents and a house full of construction = BLURRY MISERY.

I'm going to stop there, get my pics organized, and post more on the craziness in a bit.