Friday, May 13, 2011

Babble Post

I have a million errands that I could be doing right now, but that would involve spending money at each stop.  So I'm going to be good and blog instead.  It's free.  Actually, I'm just putting off the money spending until tomorrow.  But it makes me feel good about myself, so just let me have my moment.

I've been absent on PMB for awhile.  Zero excuses other than life.  So here goes...Where should I start?

Easter.  My kid could care less about Easter Egg Hunts.  He had one at school and one at the Colliers.  And he just looks at me like, mom, why in the hell do these kids want to run around in the yard and put these stupid eggs in a basket?  And why are all of my friends dressed so ridiculous.  I can even read his little mind.  He's probably thinking Easter Egg Hunts are for girls.  That's the phase we are in right now.  Everything lame is for girls.  Bandaids are for girls.  Red M&Ms are for girls.  I even have to turn the radio off if a girl is singing the song.  But he likes Justin Beiber.  I just don't get it.  The best part about Easter?  Green donuts, blue cookies, and chocolate candy. 

The Burly Roadshow continues on.  But now it's the Burly-Hood Roadshow.  At the end of April, we went to see Mumford & Sons, Edward Sharpe and Old Crowe Medicine Show.  They did the Railroad Revival Tour across the US and literally rode the train to each of their 5 shows, which were all along the tracks.  And let me just say, it was a.w.e.s.o.m.e.  At the very end, the Austin High marching band came out and joined them on stage.  I totally dork out when it comes to marching bands and drum lines.  Thank God everyone else did too.

Then we packed the car and headed to Memphis.  Why?  Because Mumford & Sons and the Avett Brothers were playing at Musicfest.  Oh, and my family lives there.  4 adults a 2 year old and 23 total hours in the car.  It was all worth it though.  I got to see my family, one of my best friends, good music and lots of rain and mud.  Oh, and we ate our way through the city.  Love me some pronto pups.

Last weekend, Nicole and I did the Jailbreak run out in Burnet, TX.  3.8 miles, 15 obstacles and a shitload of mud.  It was super tough but a blast.  And now she thinks I can do the Tough Mudder.  Um, no thanks.  Then we headed to Hardtails (biker bar) with the neighborhood gang to see an 80s band and dance like we were in middle school.  Were we successful?  Hellz yea.

Tonight we are going to see Augustana at La Zona Rosa.  One of the worst venues.  I feel like I'm in some emo-kid's basement, and if my mom founds out, I'm in deep shit.  But oh well, I heart Augustana so I'm going.  Then next weekend is Houston to see Avett Brothers and the Wheelers.  Then Hot Springs on Memorial Day weekend, and leaving for Colorado on June 11th. 

Somehow in the midst of all of this chaos, I find time to actually work.  Although laundry is a different story....I have zero clean socks