Friday, June 28, 2013

Let's do this.

I’m half way through this pregnancy thing, which means, I need to get back to pimpin’ this house.  For one, the little bambino needs a legit room.  Not a half-ass thrown together room full of stuff we just happen to have nowhere else to put.  Which is what the little’s room looks like now.

My pregnancy brain is digging Pinterest at the moment.  I got no time for my own tricks, I need to copy someone else’s.  This new baby room is going to be a full blown study in plagiarism. 

I’m also super excited that one of my favorite designers, Emily Henderson, is expecting a baby boy right before me.  Don’t be surprised if I copy her room, unless she fills it with a bunch of 60s mid-century modern stuff.  Not that I have anything against that.  This kid’s guncles would totally move right in and ask to be breast fed if that was the case.  But it’s not my style. 

Here are a few of my inspiration pics.  All I need is the motivation to get started.  But right now, cupcakes are totally outweighing the decorating thing, so red velvet cupcakes it is.  At least that’s the flavor of the day.  

I’m determined to paint the crib gold.  Isn’t it fantastic?  And then of course I send the picture to my mother and she goes all dream-crusher on me and tells me it’s a bad idea.  My husband says I get my dream-crushing from her.  Dammit.