Monday, March 3, 2008

This one's for you, Kate.

As if my crying episode at work last week wasn’t enough, I went to the doctor on Friday morning to get the results of my LEAP test, or food sensitivities test. I’m not going to go into a ton of background b/c most of you know that I’ve been living with “issues” for 30 years and I’ve finally decided to do something about it. Basically, they took a TON of my blood and tested it against every type of food known to man. So, Friday morning, I prepare myself for the worst. Thank goodness I did, b/c that’s exactly what the doctor delivered the WORST. NEWS. EVER. I am highly sensitive to every type of food I enjoy putting in my mouth.

So, I leave the doctor’s office all stressed out b/c I’m not sure how I’m going to live this new Beef-Wheat-Turkey-Beer-Cow’s Milk-Among-other-things-Free life, and I head over to my house to meet with Frank and the IDIOT trim carpenter’s boss – the guy that owns the company. This stresses me out more. I don’t like confrontation. I fold. I become WEAK and give in. On the phone it’s a whole other ball game. In person, not so good.

So, I pull up to my house and immediately, I get madder. Or more mad? Either way, the madness increases. There’s a 5 series BMW SUV sitting in my driveway. I am paying someone WAY too much if they are driving this car! Don’t pull up in your 60,000 dollar SUV when you know that I’m coming over to discuss why your bid is too high!! I don’t care if it’s in your driveway at home, but you when come to my house to talk about money, you better pull up in your piece of crap 1992 Geo Metro that has smoke coming out of its ass. I walk into my house and I am ready to tackle this guy.

And then, I fold.

This IDIOT is cute!! The same guy that has brought stress and heartache to my life is tall and young and cute. He’s tall, young, cute, smart, and successful. And Kate, he’s free Saturday night. Do you have plans?


Kate said...



On to more important subjects; he sounds a little too Republican for me. Ask him what he thinks of Obama's healthcare plan and foreign policy experience and report back his answer.

Btw, you listed YOUNG twice - I am pretty sure if you think he's young - I will think he's a bebe.


TexPatriate said...

Don't be picky, missy. You know yore momma wants some-a them grand-young'uns !

*runs away*

Amy said...

I hope red wine was NOT one of the things you should not have!!!

Julie said...

Who knew 'Pimp My Bungalow' was the next

Kate, do it for Mimi. I'm sure she'd rather see her money go towards wining and dining you than his expensive car payment. This could be your future husband, I'm just saying....