Friday, March 28, 2008

March 28, 2008 (Day 210)

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." - Benjamin Franklin

We continue to go over to our house, day after day, and expect work to be done. We are officially insane. Will's going to check me into Shoal Creek tomorrow, the local crazy house. I'll be sure to post my new address so that everyone can send me flowers.

Today was a little stressful. It got so bad that I found it humorous at one point (just another confirmation that I am insane). The tile GUY (notice that there isn't an S on the end of that word) that showed up yesterday morning proceeded to take all day to do about 2 hours worth of work, and I could have done a better job. So, when we showed up at the house this morning, and nothing was grouted, "heads rolled." And boy, was it a site to see. I'm sure the neighbors enjoyed their morning cup of coffee out on the patio listening to the foul language coming from 1257 S. Church Street. Beat that Matt Lauer.

We gave Austin Fine Floors until noon to get there, but their truck broke down. Next thing you know, the dog will have eaten their supplies. At noon, there wasn't a tile truck in site, so Will headed down to a local tile store and rounded up a crew of 6 guys to finish the job on Saturday. When AFF heard this, they freaked out, as they should. It was great. "We have 3 guys in the wings, heading to your house now." In the wings? Whatever. After all of this, the owners FINALLY got involved. So, we pushed it to 2pm, and when the guys that were apparently in the wings didn't show up, I got on the phone with one of the owners and told him that his work at my house had ended and that I would contact him on Monday to settle up. That didn't go over well. So, as we speak, it's 10pm on a Friday night, and there's 6 guys over at my house grouting their little hearts out, and they can't leave until it's done.

I've left out a lot of the details of the day, but it was one of the most tiring days I've had in a long time. Will and I got home at 4:30 this afternoon and crashed. And now I'm going back to bed. Tomorrow, the carpet is being installed. I might take my sleeping bag over there tomorrow night if I don't get accepted at Shoal Creek.


Beth said...

mimi, i've always liked to say that you get your strong will from your mom, but now you know that you get the strong language and demand to do it right the first time from me...i'm sorry 'bout, dad

Kate said...

This has so many parallels to HH it's not even funny. I'm guessing they don't really issue credit memos though.

It will be worth it when this is all finished. Keep repeating that phrase to yourself until you believe it. Ü


Julie said...

Grout, baby, grout!!! I've always found foul language to be productive...I too get that from my dad....must be something about those Air Force pilots. I truly would have enjoyed my morning cup of coffee if you were my neighbors. Any chance it will end up on utube?