Sunday, October 2, 2011


The past month has been crazy. Insane. But super fun. In the past month, I've been to Panama, Hot Springs and Miami. We've had 2 birthday parties, 2 golf tournaments, ACL, happy hours, a marriage and a new baby. I'm hoping October is slower, but as of now, it's not looking so good.

Miami for work.  My view from the hotel makes up for the fact that it's work. 

ACL:  Rain, free beer, backstage and Faith = FUN!  Oh, and meeting up with Noel afterwards at the gay bars was icing on the cake.

Special Agent Burleson for Ruby's 7th birthday party.

Hot Springs for Labor Day with the fam.

G and his new little cousin, Janie Reid Burleson.  He is in love.

These two crazy cats flew to NYC and were married on the 29th! 

In the next month or so, we have 2 Avett Brother's shows, family photos, my parents in town, a party to celebrate Chip & Noel's marriage, and a trip to Palm Beach.  Oh, and multiple happy hours.  You can't forget those. 

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Nicole Hood said...

All these photos make me smile. Especially Special Agent Burleson.