Friday, October 21, 2011

My morning fix

This summer I got into the iced coffee thing.  I'm not a starbucks kind of person.  Not even a coffee shop kind.  The coffee that I make at home is reliable.  It tastes the same every single day.  I can't get that anywhere else.  And I don't want to pay for it. 

Around day 27 of 100+ degree weather this summer, I said screw you to my hot cup of coffee every morning and decided to try iced coffee.  At first, it was a disaster.  Who knew that you just couldn't brew a pot of coffee and pour it over ice!  It tasted like dog crap. 

So I turned to google.  The logical thing to do, right?  I found a few different ways to make iced coffee at home, all of which were pretty similar.  The key is making a coffee concentrate.  I came up with my own version and I'm hooked.  I can't get enough of it.  It's my morning crack, and when it's too cold to drink it this winter, I will probably need to go to rehab and enter a detox program.

The best part about this?  You make a batch on Sunday and keep it in the fridge all week long.  Genious.

Coffee Concentrate: 
- Pour 3 cups of coffee grinds into a large bowl
- Fill the bowl with 12 cups of water
- Stir, cover, and let it sit all day or overnight (This is weird to me.  I guess you could put it in the fridge, but I just let mine sit on the counter.)
- Uncover, stir again, and strain into a pitcher (I use a thin strainer and a paper towel.  I tried coffee filters but it took forever.  And I'm not cool enough to use cheese cloth.)

When you are ready to drink, pour over ice and add your creamer/sugar/milk/whatever.  I personally like my sugar free vanilla creamer, with a shot of half and half. 

Will thinks the whole process is strange, and every time he walks into the kitchen while I'm straining my coffee mixture, he makes a weird gagging noise. 

And yes, I use a 1979 pitcher from Dixie Linoleum and Carpet in Memphis, TN.  

**Here's my disclaimer:  This stuff is so good that you can't stop drinking it.  It's a shitload of caffeine.  It's probably eating away at my insides and staining my teeth.  But oh well.  It wakes me up and keeps me going all day.  Therefore, I LOVE IT.

***One recipe that I found was for an entire month's worth of coffee.  Where do you find a bowl that big?  I didn't want to make my morning crack in the bathtub, so I'm sticking with my weekly routine.  It works for me.


Julie said...

Since I'm ruining my teeth with my daily Dr. Pepper (not the diet one, the with a shitload of sugar in it), I find comfort knowing that we'll both be wearing dentures together in the nursing home! :)

NOel said...

Serioulsy way too much work. You know Starbucks makes individual packages that you simply put into a cup with ice and water. They're great and less time consuming. :) Just saying!