Monday, October 10, 2011

Junk Food Challenge

I decided to do the 21 day Junk Food Challenge.  Except mine is 35 days.  As if 21 days wasn't challenging enough. 

For 35 days I have to follow these rules:

No Chocolate
No Candy
No Biscuits
No Cookies
No Cakes
No Donuts
No Muffins
No Pastries
No White Bread
No Chips
No Fast Food
No Nutella
No Peanut Butter
No Ice Cream

This thing must have originated in Europe.  I don't know many people that have a biscuit problem.  Fast food on the other hand...that's my weakness. 

I am on day 10.  So far so good, but on day 1, Will quickly reminded me that we live in Texas.  Tortilla chips are a staple in our diet.  A necessity to live, right up there with water.  So that is my exception to the rule.

And I ate Mighty Fine on Sunday.  Does that count as fast food?  They don't have a drive thru window, so maybe not.  But they do serve their burgers on white buns.  Damn it. 

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