Thursday, October 27, 2011

2 years, 10 months, 16 days, 10 hours, 3 minutes

That's how long I made it until I encountered my first public meltdown with my kid.  I was THIS close to making it to the three year mark.  THIS. CLOSE. 

I took G to the outlet mall last week.  It's an outdoor mall with decent shops.  We hit JCrew first and the kid racked up on Crewcuts.  That should make him happy, right?  But no, he wanted new shoes.  He inherited this from his father, who inherited it from his mother, whose family had a shoe store growing up.

On the way to the shoe store, he asked if he could ride the rides.  You know, the cheesy little horse or rocketship that you put a quarter in and it shakes for a minute and your kid gets so excited and it's the best thing they've ever done in their life.  Sure.  You can ride 2 rides.  I have enough quarters for 2 rides.

Two rides later and he wanted more.  Nope, I said 2 rides.  And then it happened.  His eyes turned red, his head started spinning, he started screaming bloody murder and throwing himself on the ground.  I didn't know if he was having a fit or a seizure.  I didn't know whether to dial 911 or start screaming at him.

I didn't do either.  I just stood there for a minute while everyone walked past me and gave me "the look."  And then I did what I always do with Grafton.  I tried to reason with him.  It fails every time, but I keep trying.  5 minutes later and the screams and flailing body only got worse, so we went to the car.

I couldn't even get him in his car seat.  It was that bad.  So we sat in the front seat to talk about what happened.  I don't know why I do this to myself.

As we sat there, I thought....there is no way that Will is going to believe me when I tell him how bad it was.  So I grabbed my phone and started filming.

I debated on whether or not to show this video.  Will people think I'm a bad mother?  Will CPS knock on my door tomorrow?  Should I subject people to 2.5 minutes of this?  But this is reality, right? 

And I'll go ahead and apologize if this "breaks your heart."  Sorry.


SIL said...

I AM SO GIGGLING at this!!! Am I cruel I think it is funny??? only because I have been there! Next time turn the tables on him, sit down where ever you are and just start reading a book or magazine (keep one in your purse!). Warning he may freak because you are NOT paying him attention but then he may stop. I used to pull over the car when the kids were fighting, not say a word and just start reading. They would stop immediately and ask what was I doing..ummm just waiting on you to stop..I still cant reason with mine!

Donna said...

Mimi that was pretty funny! Now you need a little girl to add to all the drama!

Beth Webb said...

Reminds me of your meltdown in Big Star grocery when you were about the same age! I had to leave a cart full of groceries and apologize to the store manager. Happens to all of us!

Jennifer said...

I am laughing that you consider this a meltdown! Wow, you should visit the Durley house. I wish our "meltdowns" were that calm! I'm impressed at how he chooses to answer your questions and the reasons why y'all should go back in:) Funny!