Thursday, January 13, 2011

Living Room Update

Remember my big sofa jackpot?  Well, I ordered the sofa back in September, and then waited and waited and waited.  For 15 entire weeks I waited.  And after 8 weeks, I started calling.  Each week the calls got uglier and uglier.  And finally, on December 28th, my sofa arrived!

It's everything I imagined.  It looks exactly like the Mitchell Gold sofa.  Folks, I'm in love. 

In other decorating news, we recently had built-ins installed in the living room.  Remember the guy that drank all of our beer?  The bookshelves look great.  Check out the before and after pictures.  Big difference, huh?  I ran out of books, and need to do more accessorizing, but you get the point.   And then there's the big dilemna of what to hang on either side of the tv. 



My living room plan (below) is finally becoming a reality.  I ordered the fabric for curtains and pillows.  The rug in the pics above is new.  My only snag is that I want to recover the wing chair in orange velvet.  However, orange velvet doesn't exist.  I am not even kidding people.  Why do I do this to myself??  If anyone has an orange velvet resourse, let me know.  I'm desperate.  I would buy the chair in the picture below, but I can't afford it.  No one should pay that much for a chair. 


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TexPatriate said...

Hey, Mimi --

You might try this place:

High Fashion Fabric Center
3101 Louisiana St
Houston, TX
(713) 528-7299

When I lived in Houston, I would go there occasionally, and they never disappointed. If anyone has orange velvet, they will.

It will most likely be in the back room (on the right hand side when you walk in and past the sales counter), but I think you'll find all kinds of lovely stuff there.