Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Find

I am the type of girl that doesn't have many secrets in my life.  As my boss would say, "I'm very transparent."  Not me, her.  But it applies to me as well.  If you compliment my shirt, I'm likely to tell you that it was only $7.99 on the clearance rack at the Gap.  I'm working on that....I should just accept the compliment, say thank you, and move on.  I just love to share my sweet finds.

And peeps, I HAVE HIT THE JACKPOT on this one!!

As I've mentioned before, I'm redecorating my living room and I've been drooling over the Keaton sofa from Mitchell Gold.  The problem:  It's $2,875, which means the drool quickly dries up and the reality of a toddler and two dogs sets in. 

However, I was reading Little Green Notebook and found a company based out of Nevada called Designer Sofas Direct that makes custom sofas that are almost identical to the big names but for a fraction of the price.  FRACTION PEOPLE.  So, I placed my order this week.  The only catch is that you can't see what you are buying, so I put my trust Launa, the owner, that it's going to be fabulous.

My final price?  $1,324 + shipping.  Yep, I just saved $1,551Lori will be so proud!


Dixie Clip said...

I think I might have to put your deal into my hall of fame.

Here is my guilty omission: we spent more on our last couch, custom made, then I did on my first car! I wish I had known about this website!!!!

I'm going to repost and give you credit.

Camin said...

I was actually looking to order that same sofa from DSD. Can you tell me what your experience with them was like? I've read differing feedback and wanted to see how it turned out for you.
Thanks a bunch!

Mimi Burleson said...

Camin - how do i get in touch with you??