Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dumbbells and Nipple Rings

I decided to get my ears pierced at the ripe young age of 33.  Again.  For the fourth time.  And no, I don't have 4 holes in each ear.  I'm just bad at earring management. 

I don't know why I let my friends talk me into this, but I did.  PEER PRESSURE!  So, about 4 weeks ago, Supawn and I went out on a shopping trip and ended up at the local tattoo parlor.  For some reason, Claire's Boutique just didn't seem right. 

However, tattoo parlors do not carry a nice selection of "first-time earrings."  Their clientelle is not typically the 10 year old girl BEGGING to get her ears pierced.  Nope, they carry body jewelry.  And Ben, the guy below with tree trunks through his ears, suggested that I get a bar through my ear.  The dumbbell type.  Excuse me, but do I look like I would wear a dumbbell through my ear for 4 weeks?  Um, No. 

I decided on a nice silver hoop with a ball in the middle of it.  I'm sure the other people around town who sport this ring usually  have it attached to their nipples. 

So, 4 weeks later and I'm doing pretty good.  Will only had to perform one surgery on my ear, and I got to take out my nipple rings this past weekend.  Although, I took them out and then had to call Supawn because I didn't own one pair of earrings to my name. 

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