Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 30 of Lovely

Day 30....the final installment of 30 Days of Lovely.  Thirty days that took over 4 months to complete.  Thank goodness I am done with this.  My friends are saying they want the old Mimi back.  I find that funny, but not sure if I should.  I have to admit, I am ready to make fun of someone. I thought about doing 30 Days of WTF, but then came up with a few reasons why I shouldn't.  For one, my mother would probably not be very happy.  Two, it would involve making fun of people that might happen across this blog.  Not a good idea.  But that doesn't mean that I don't have some good ones up my sleeve that I will share with you from time to time! 

It took me awhile to figure out how I wanted to end this lovely little challenge.  I despise family brag blogs, which is why I rarely post pictures of my kid (the cutest kid on the planet).  So, it only seemed fitting that I use this last day as a way to show everyone how lovely my little dude is.  How he makes me laugh all day long.  How he makes me smile so big that my mouth hurts.  How he's put a constant look of puzzlement on my face because I can't figure out what he's saying.  Right now he's into bulldozers, big trucks and golf.  He has a better swing than most and is ready to go to the driving range with dad.  He thinks that his hard hat is also a bicycle helmet and wears it around the neighborhood on bike rides.  He is already picking out his shoes every day for school and knows that he wants the blue converse because they will match his outfit.  He yells "Watch out!" when we hit a bump in the car, and yells "Whoa Grandmama!" when her driving isn't up to par.  He likes to dance in the kitchen to Justin Beiber and ring his cowbell when Mississippi State is playing on tv.  And best of all, when you ask him if he likes your outfit, he will tell you the God honest truth.


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Beth said...

Of course my grandson is the cutest boy on the planet!!!! (You know my granddaughter is the cutest girl on the planet.) Your mother would never want you to make fun of keep it nice and funny. Why don't you rerun that dialogue with your painters?