Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What the....??

Yall are lucky....2 posts in one day!

What the.... #1:

Do you see the dark spot in the middle of the hallway below? Well, that's a burn mark on the floor that was uncovered once the floors were sanded. I never noticed it when we lived there, but probably because we had a table right there. But now I'm dying to know how it got there. It makes me think of the time when my sister was a baby and my mom was boiling nipples on the stove, and they caught on fire and she burned the kitchen floor and the fire department had to come. I wonder if my burn is that funny. I don't think the previous owners blogged their lives, so I'm sure I'll never know. I'll probably just make up a great story behind it. And then I'll tell Will about it and anytime someone asks about the burn in the hallway, which I'm sure we'll get asked ALL OF THE TIME, he'll tell them the big fat lie that I made up, although he wont know it's a lie. I tend to do that to him a lot.

What the.....#2:

A few months ago, I purchased this pendant light from West Elm shown below (the picture is bad and doesn't do it justice).

It's a little bit modern, a little bit vintage, and I love it. Not to mention the fact that it was on sale for only $39.99. It's now hanging in the new stairwell. Last night, the fam took a field trip over to the house and while my MIL and BIL were upstairs, I overheard this conversation:

Chip: I don't like that light that Mimi picked out.

Robin: I don't think that's permanent. I think that is just a cover for the bulb for the painters. See all of the paint splatters on it?

Chip: Oh, you're right.

WHAT THE....???


Julie said...

EXCUSE ME, I thought there was "no more funny-funny" and well that, that was FUNNY!!! In fact, I don't know which one was more funnier! Your mom burning the kitchen floor boiling nipples, you making up lies to Will and he doesn't (or didn't) know (GREAT idea BTW...I think I'll start doing that to Cameron b/c it sounds too fun to pass up!), or your MILs comment about the pendant light (which I love too). Turns out you are not out of humor on this project and I SO hope Will has a comment to leave!

Kate said...

I'll try to think up something creative for the burn mark story!


Amy said...

Oh, Mimi....I must have your daily humor now since we have an architect/contractor coming to our house next week for all upstairs! Trea may just think for a couple of rooms but I think the entire upstairs while they are there! Just the preliminary stages of what we want to do! you must bust BIL and MIL on the light!!! Amy

TexPatriate said...

Wow -- Kate told me that you and your husband juggled firesticks in your spare time, but I called her out as a liar.

I'm sorry, Kate. I owe you an apology. (And ice cream !)

As for the light -- seriously ? I LOVE that pendant action. It's just gorgeous.