Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April 2, 2008 (Day 215)

We are getting down to business folks. No more funny-funny. I have finally run out of humor related to this God-forsaking pain in my ass project. If you are looking for laughs, you'll have to call me and we'll talk about something different, like the time I asked my mother-in-law how to use her stove after I'd already been living there 6 months.

We had a big day at the house yesterday! The piles and piles of trash were cleaned up, the half-empty bottles of Big Red and Sunkist were thrown away, and the floors were sanded! It made a HUGE difference in how the progression of the house looks. We finally look like we are getting somewhere. Today, the appliances are being installed, the plumber is wrapping up (he's been "wrapping up" for 2 weeks now, and he's making me sound like a broken record), and the floors are being sanded again. Then it's a coat of sealer, 2 coats of polyurathane, and NO TRAFFIC in the house until Monday.

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Julie said...

WOW - the floors look great! Definite progress at the Burleson's!!!!