Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Progress (noun): Movement, as toward a goal; advance.

Church Street has seen more action in the last week than it has in 80 years!

We have paint colors picked out:

We have sheetrock:

We have a big fat mess:

We have cabinets:

And we have a mini storage unit in our front yard that has already caused problems with the city. Apparently, it's blocking the line of sight from the stop sign on 15th street. WHO CARES. We have progress at the Burleson's. PRO-GRESS. And that's what matters.


Kate said...

Woo hoo! I love the paint colors.

And anyone on 15th street is crybaby in my book. :)

And a P.S. to you readers but no commenters - as a fellow blogger you gotta at least leave a comment once in a while so we know we have an audience!

Julie said...

Progress indeed! That's awesome! And to the city of G-town, I doubt anyone actually completely stops at that stop sign so get over it. :)

Mimi and Will Burleson said...

Thanks Kate!! I'm a fellow blogger but non-commenter. I'll work harder at commenting:)

will said...
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Kate said...

Well, Liane already told me that she is sick of my Hillary post so I think I need a new post ASAP!