Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Will's Two Cents

by Will Burleson

10. My Wife's blog (If I ever forget and need a reminder of all the pain and suffering I can always visit "Pimp my Bungalow", a constant reminder of the ongoing hell that is my life).

9. My Contractor, Frank (Or as I like to call him "Mr. Idle")

8. My new superintendent, Johnny (seriously, he is the reason I will move back in before the end of the decade. Who needs Brad Pitt. Johnny is my man crush).

Etiquette Question: If your contractor should stay on schedule, or in our case, hit one date during the entire remodel, should you send him a gift basket or would a thank you card suffice?

7. Additional work prices (Apparently our contractors found the "Screw the Burleson's" button on their calculators).

6. Living with my parents (The only thing that would be cooler is if they had a basement so when people asked me where we live I could say "In my mom's basement").

5. Stopping by the house in the middle of the day (I love the sound of a half finished house when no one is working, like nails on a chalkboard).

4. The original schedule with a move-in date of January 2nd (No matter how bad my day has been it always makes me laugh. I often read it right after I visit "Pimp my Bungalow").

3.Opening the Daily Newspaper (I stare at the date while counting the number of days I have withstood hell on earth).

2. Testing my sanity everyday (I love waking up in the morning and wondering if this will be the day that I snap and kill Mr. Idle, aka Frank).

Random question: Has anyone studied the Mayan calander? If you have, does 7 of their months equal 4 of ours? This could explain the reason "Mr. Idle" and I have yet to get on the same page.

1. Learning to live for today (no matter how bad it is, tomorrow will be worse).


Kate said...

There are so many Harte-Hanks parallels in that top 10 list - it's scary!

Julie said...

Looks like you are going to have to update your legal disclaimer! Glad Will decided to contribute to 'Pimp My Bungalow' because he is pretty funny! I almost feel bad getting so much enjoyment out of your pain. Almost. :)

Beth said...

Well, at least you two still have a sense of humor. I would have absolutely NONE if I were there. I do enjoy reading your hilarious accounts of this project....also it gives you a greater appreciation of "customer service."

Remember, every single sub HATED me by the time we finished our house. (and vice versa) It must go with the territory. I could relate to your comments about Frank being found dead and you would be a suspect.

Keep the humor coming!

TexPatriate said...

Actually, given the idleness of Frank outlined in this blog, wouldn't that be "Will's 57 Cents" ?

You know, that's 2 cents + [whatever the contractor wanted to add on ]