Saturday, February 23, 2008

Eat your heart out, Martha!

During this remodel, I have had to give up 2 closets. Not that those 2 closets held anything but crap, but still, TWO CLOSETS. Will's happy about it. The fewer closets we have, the less crap we should own. He's all about minimalism. I don't know where the two of us came from, because our mother's are both pack rats. And we are all about throwing things away. My mom gets mad when I go home to visit and I want to throw away her precious house full of post-it-notes. And Will's mom just laughs when I hand her articles on purging or organizing or letting go. I just don't see why she thinks it's so funny.

We have a space underneath our stairwell that would be the perfect closet. But I don't want a closet that would just be full of junk. Just looking at the space gives me anxiety. I also don't want another door in the hallway. So, I came up with this idea.

GENIUS! This is where I'll house my obsession....ribbons, gift bags, fabric, stationary, wrapping paper, tags...basically anything crafty. Martha Stewart would be SO JEALOUS.


Kate said...

That is an awesome idea Mimi!

Julie said...

Forget Martha - I'm jealous! Julie want.

Beth said...

Get rid of post-it notes????? How would I remember anything???? Right now there's a note on my kitchen cabinet that reminded me that the bug man was coming today.....because we forgot him last week! I WILL throw that note away!