Monday, November 3, 2008

Helen Thatcher Thompson Beaty

Helen and James had a beautiful little girl this morning! Thatcher was born at 2:30am - 8.0 lbs, 21.5 inches.

Helen went through four straight days of intense prodromal labor (I'm going to have to look that one up). At 11pm on Sunday night, the real deal kicked in, the midwives came over, and she was born 3.5 hours later. James already wins husband of the year...he woke up this morning after they slept for a few hours and made pancakes!

Only 5 more weeks until baby #2 arrives!


Julie said...

Congratulations Aunt Mimi!! She's beautiful!

Beth said...

she's so little and cute, 'cause my girls babies are cute!...won me over immediately by going to sleep in my arms, after fussing when beth held her...
tom (aka papa)