Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hump Day with Papa PMB: Eviction Notice

As I was watching the election last night, it occurred to me that our nation has a few too many "Blue States." Here are a few that we could evict until they get their act together.

1. New Mexico – I don’t really care for Old Mexico….why do we need a new one?
2. Delaware – Seriously. Have you ever met anyone from Delaware?
3. Vermont – I could live without maple syrup. And if I ever had the urge to punch a teva-wearing tree-hugger in the face, I could just go down the street to Whole Foods.
4. South Dakota – Is there any reason we have two Dakota’s?
5. New Jersey – Have you seen the commercials for “Cash 4 Gold”? Everyone on that commercial is from New Jersey. “I sent my wedding band in from my fourth marriage and got $400!!”
6. New York – Electing Hillary Clinton to the Senate should have been the last straw.
7. Rhode Island – If they get 4 electoral votes, my back yard should get 3.

Question of the Week:

Why in the world is Arkansas voting on anything to do with homosexuality? Do any gay people actually live in Arkansas? Shouldn’t they be more concerned with incest?

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