Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Goose has been in the oven for 29 weeks!

This past weekend, I went to visit Helen before little Peanut arrived. It was the last weekend I could fly and I wouldn't get to see her again until New Years. She only has 5 weeks to go!

I'm sure my parents are a little overwhelmed with pregnancy talk. It was the topic of conversation for the entire 80 hours that I was home. It was even worse when my friends from college came over on Saturday night for dinner....3 pregos and 3 non-pregos at dinner makes for an interesting conversation, and a large quantity of cupcake consumption!

What happened to the days of the large quantities of wine being consumed at the get-togethers with the Webb's? Or better yet, kegs of beer. The days when dad had to make us all hold hands in a circle and apologize to Dita because she's a damn democrat? The days of turning in our keys so no one would drive, and then wondering how in the hell Betsy ended up on Beale Street? The days of double decker buses and finding an open bed in the neighbors house to sleep in?

Oh yeah, we grew up.

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