Wednesday, September 3, 2008

60 Day Challenge

Last weekend, we went to San Antonio with the Wheelers. And in true Steve fashion, he’s decided to challenge himself by doing something ridiculous for a ridiculous amount of time. He’s even convinced his wife that she needs to join in on the ridiculous fun . And for some reason, Will and I decided to participate. I’m just glad that Steve’s already done with his vegetarian phase. I was not about to challenge myself to that. Every once in awhile, a girl needs a filet…..or a beef burrito from Taco Bell.

Steve is running 2 miles a day for 60 straight days. Tara has given up coffee. Neither one of those sounds like any fun. Will has decided to participate in a physical activity for 2 hours a day. Um, NO THANKS! That just sounds miserable.

So, I’ve decided to quit cussing for 60 days. Now, THAT is what I call a challenge! I figure that with a baby on the way, I should probably cut down on the inappropriate words that somehow just seem to fly out of my mouth. I started the challenge yesterday and made it until 6pm….then all of a sudden, something inappropriate came out, and I followed it up with another inappropriate word because I was so mad at the first inappropriate word. And so, the challenge starts over, and today is Day 1…again. I think I have a long road ahead of me.


Kate said...

Is Will just an overachiever or what? Running 2 miles = approx 30 minutes (for me at least). And he's gonna do 2 hours!?

I think you have a more ambitious goal though. I think it would be easy to accidentally slip and maybe not even notice it.

If you need any curse words said, just email them to me and I will say them for you.

Annemarie said...

Good luck with hitting your goal, Mimi. I've consciously tried to do the same thing lately and it's been amusing to notice now how much other people do....and sometimes the inappropriate words are so at the most inappropriate times!

Julie said...

Good luck with the cusing thing. Sheridan is two and I'm still trying to stop that shit.

Kate said...

Ha ha Julie! Nadja came up with an interesting solution - she only speaks to her kids in German, and she never curses in German, so it works out well. Of course, a co-worker's kid was at work the other day and we were both dropping bombs left and right. Eeek!

TexPatriate said...

Here's the geek alternative. =P

And the headline/s
What the frak? Faux curse sweeps geek nation
‘Battlestar Galatica’s’ four-letter word is a safe way to curse on TV

Farscape also introduced "frell", "dren", and some others I can't remember atm.

Julie said...

Well, too bad I don't know German. I would try Spanish but Sheridan probably knows more Spanish than I do thanks to Dora.