Friday, June 20, 2008

Sorry for the cheese

This is not my typical blog post. It belongs on someone else's blog that's so boring you'd fall asleep reading it. A blog that someone created because they think people really care about what they do every day and what they eat for dinner. It doesn't really belong on my blog, but here goes.

I was making breakfast this week, my typical english muffin with PB&J that I eat every. single. day. And when I took the top off of the jelly jar, I was greeted with this:

My Four Fruits Preserves was smiling at me, saying good morning Mimi!! Hope you have a fabulous day! And it made me smile.

I promise not to bore you with anymore of these types of posts, unless of course, I see Jesus in my english muffin tomorrow.


emprice said...

Looking forward to the english muffin & great looking layout!

Julie said...

You know, it makes me smile, too! But that could also be from the kaluha I put in my coffee for breakfast. ;)