Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A holiday isn't a holiday without a little inappro.

There’s one thing you can always count on at a Burleson family gathering - Someone is going to say something completely inappropriate. It’s just a given. And the more wine consumed, the more inappropriate. Break out the whiskey or scotch, and you’d better put on your facemask, because something very crude, rude, and completely uncalled for is going to come flying out of someone’s mouth and hit you right in the face.

At Robin’s 50th birthday weekend, it was Chip. Give the gay boy too many bloody mary’s at breakfast and he starts talking about Jake’s girlfriend’s boobs in front of the entire family in the pool. He doesn’t even like boobs!

Over Thanksgiving, it was my FIL. We were all enjoying a nice dinner that evening, sitting around the table giving thanks, and WHAM! Out of nowhere, an Obama joke flew out of Bob’s mouth that left us all sitting there with our mouths wide open and speechless…..for 0.2 seconds. And then the room broke out in laughter. I never said the inappropriateness wasn’t funny. It’s always funny. Most of the time it’s hilarious. Hilarious and completely inappropriate.

But Christmas 2008 had to top it all. It was Christmas eve and we were all settling in for a long winter’s nap. Ha! Kidding. We were actually exchanging our 5 dollar gifts and partaking in a few too many adult beverages. The last gift was a gingerbread house kit and each couple had 15 minutes to put it together. (I know this sounds very cute, like something Martha Stewart’s family does. Don’t judge.) After 15 minutes of destroying the house with nasty icing and candy, we all brought our houses in to be judged. We were admiring Chip and Noel’s (Chip’s boyfriend) cute little house when Will commented to Noel that the eave was supposed to be over the front door of the house, not the backdoor. (I think Will was just upset that our “mobile home destroyed by a tornado” came in last place.) And all of a sudden, WHAM! Noel responds with, “Well, duh Will…everyone knows we like the backdoor better!”

Ahhh…family. Gotta love ‘em and all of their inappropriateness.


Amy said...

oh, this made me laugh! I completely forgot about that one! I thought you were going to mention the one where Emery said Robin and me...were not nice girls, etc... you dont have to write that one on here though! Amy

Anna Lee said...

I found your blog through a link on Emily Price's blog. Wow - laugh out loud funny. Please keep it up!