Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You gotta plan?

Dumb question.  Of course I have a plan.  I have so many plans that I can't turn my brain off at night.  I can't even take a weekend nap because of all of the goodness going on in my brain right now.  And I love me some naps.

We are currently in the process of planning the space, gathering estimates and finalizing our budget.  A realistic budget, if that's even possible.  This week we are meeting about paint, carpentry, tile, cabinets, wood floors, countertops and tree trimming.   And then we have 4 weeks until we can officially call the house ours and start doing some damage. 

When it comes to rooms, I think I am most excited about the kitchen space.  While I love my current kitchen and want to keep the same style, I'm going to go bold with this one; bold being a relative term.  Here are a few of my inspiration pics (thank you pinterest).  If my space turns out half as great as these, I'll be damn happy. 

Totally random thought, but I'm now wondering if my use of the semi-colon is correct.  I am sure Helen will tell me.


Melanie said...

Love all these pics! We can chat semicolons over drinks sometime. :)

Won't you be my neighbor?

Beth Webb said...

So sorry, but your use of the semi colon is incorrect, as you wondered. When in doubt, take it out! I beat Helen to the punch!

Nicole Hood said...

All of those are beautiful kitchens. Can't wait to see what you create!