Friday, December 2, 2011

Great Read

As I sat perusing a few of my favorite blogs this week, I came across this.  It's too good not to share.

From His Perspective:  Holiday Spirit

This was written by Erin's husband, who occasionally "guest blogs" on her site.  I always enjoy what he has to say, and this one really hit home.  I feel like we always get so hung up on the material things and spending money during the holidays.  This year,  I'm going to try to experience the "moment"....what the holidays really mean.  Grafton is at the age where he's finally going to get it...Santa, Christmas, etc.  And somehow I have to make sure that Christmas doesnt equal Presents.  Good luck with that one, right?

And speaking of, my sweet boy turns 3 tomorrow!  It's gone by so fast, and then again, I can't believe he's only 3.  I feel like we've been having conversations with this kid for years now.  He is so fun to be around and makes us laugh every day.  I'm just sad that 3 is one year closer to the day he won't snuggle with me or let me kiss him in public.  Because I highly doubt that when he is 14, he'll watch movies with us on the couch, lean over and give us each a kiss, and say "I really like you mom and dad." 

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Allison said...

That's sweet, Mimi. And I read Erin's blog earlier today too. Makes you think.