Thursday, August 4, 2011

G's Play list

My kid is really into music these days.  And not just any kind.  The kind you play loud and sing along to.  The kind that makes you shake your ass.  And let me tell you, the kid can shake his ass.  My only problem is that he makes up dance moves and then shows his teachers at school, and tells them that I taught him!  Um, excuse me, but I did not teach you the "Scooter," where you kick back your leg like a spaz and run around like a crazy man.  I had nothing to do with that one.

Here are G's top songs right now.  These are the ones that he tells me to turn up in the car LOUDER!!!  The best part is that if you turn the volume down really fast,  you can catch him singing along. 

The Cave:  Mumford & Sons
Party Rock Anthem:  LMAFO
Home:  Edward Sharpe
Roll Away Your Stone:  Mumford & Sons
Pumped up Kicks:  Foster the People

and of course, Baby:  Justin Beiber.  Sometimes I pretend like we somehow lost that one.  I dont know how it happened, but I cant find it on the ipod anymore. 

The other night, G was playing his bongo drums in the living room, looked up, and announced the he was Justin Beiber.  At least he didnt say Matthew McConaughey, right?

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Nicole Hood said...

I have to see him dancing to Party Rock!