Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Feature: Lovie Dodd

Damn, life keeps getting in the way!  I've taken a summer hiatus from blogging.  Not on purpose.  School is about to start back up, so I guess I should start back too.  Get my creative juices flowing.  Clear the cobwebs off my brain and get going.

I'll ease back in with a Friday Find.  My sweet friend, Allison, recently started a blog called lovie dodd that is so cute.  I could not tell you the last time we saw each other in person, but we email all of the time about decorating.  I help her, she helps me, you know how that goes.  Allison has great taste and has the vintage/flea market/farmers market thing going that I wish I had.  We met in 1995, our freshman year in college.  She has always had a little bit of hippy-earth-girl in her without smelling like potchouli, which I like!

This morning, Allison and I were emailing back and forth about fabric for our kitchens.  She sends me a picture of this great Trina Turk fabric.  The problem?  $112 per yard.  I would call that a major problem in my book.

So, I suggested that she google it and see if anyone is selling remnants from design projects.  Then, I search in my long blog role for a great resource called The Designer's Attic.  She is a interior designer that has a blog solely devoted to selling left over fabric from projects.  I click on the link and...SHUT THE FRONT DOOR PEOPLE, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!  This is today's post:

I don't even know what you call that kind of luck.  $35 per yard.  AH-MAY-ZING. 


Allison said...

Freaking Unreal! You rock! And thanks for not calling me a dirty hippie. Ha!

Julie said...

That's called meant to be! Where are you going to use the fabric?