Monday, October 4, 2010

Living Room Redo

I just received my school lessons in the mail.  Time to stick my head in the books....something I haven't done in 10 years.  At the end of the program, I'll have developed a portfolio of 6 rooms.  They ask that you design real-life rooms, either your own or friends.  First up is a living room, so Supawn, you're in luck! 

The only problem I see with this is that real-life redecorating equals real-life money.  I'd like to design plans for friends that would actually implement my designs.  So, if you are thinking about making a few changes in your house, let me know.  You could be the lucky recipient of almost-free decorating plans.  Almost-free only because I charge in red wine right now.  Red wine and a promise that you'll tell all of your friends about me. 

I've been redecorating my own living room in my head now for about a year.  And I think it would be considered cheating if I turned in my plans for school since I put them together before I even started the course.  Here's my design plan that I'm starting to implement. 

I finally put a stake in the ground and ordered the sofa last week. I already own the leather chair (2 of them) and the coffee table that Will made me for Christmas last year.  We are also having built-ins installed next week, so the room is getting a total rehaul.  Slowly but surely, my ideas are becoming reality.  I'll post before and after pictures once I'm done!


emprice said...

YAY MIMI! congrats on school and the motivation. I have a master bedroom that we finished out last year and then the shorty arrived and it has gotten little-to-no attention since. It consists of a grey linen headboard, matching curtains... and a mish-mash of other random furniture. A virtual clean slate... no where to go but up! I was about to embark on it but can't decide between that or the disaster-of-a-cabana to go next. bubbling over with opportunities over here... and vino to go with it. =) just let me know if you're interested!

Dixie Clip said...

Put me on your long list. Moving next week into a new-to-us house and I have a living room that will not fit my furniture. That's ok, we have had the stuff for 10 years now and I am primed and ready for a re-do. Plane ticket plus red wine!