Wednesday, February 3, 2010

January Love Story

January came and went. And even though I had to sell my plasma to pay all of the pediatrician co-pays, it was a fun month. I was diggin' it. Although, it's hard to function without any plasma.

My January faves:

:: This goofball. And yes, he's wearing safety glasses at dinner. Because sometimes, dinner is a dangerous thing.

:: Will at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena with his sister.

:: Trivial Pursuit gone array at the neighbor's. I didn't know that game could actually be fun!

A trip to NC to surprise Will's sister for the big 4-0!
More pics:

:: Soul Sister, by Train. Turn it up and sing full blast. Or just nod your head, whatever does it for you.


Anonymous said...

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Julie said...

Will could probably pitch in and sell something so you could keep some of your plasma ;)

Anonymous said...

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