Wednesday, July 30, 2008

“…just a couple of saltwater drops down the cheek and a lump in my throat which tells me that the acknowledgement of the past being gone is quite a bitter pill to swallow.”

My list has prompted lots of emails and calls, and to my surprise, a little controversy. And now I have friends putting together their own lists. If you make one, you must send it. To me.

The list wasn’t hard, it was tough. But only because along the way, you come to realize who you are, who you’ve been in your life, and how much you’ve changed over the years. Or haven’t changed. I had to think back 31 years, and throughout all 100 items, and a few that I deleted along the way because I didn’t want my list to be a confessional, I was either laughing my ass off or crying. Yes, I cry a lot.

So, here’s a quick follow up to the items that received the most questions. B/c I know you are all dying to know just a little bit more!

15. I don’t tip at Sonic: This prompted a huge discussion last Friday night, and apparently I’m in the wrong. I don’t care. I’ll even admit that I was excited when they put in the credit card machine. An easier way for me NOT TO TIP!

18. I hate to cook: Yes, I despise cooking. I tried for the longest time to enjoy it, but you can’t force it. I can’t remember the last time I made a meal. It was probably over a year ago. It pays to marry the cook.

39. I don’t have my ears pierced: I’ve had my ears pierced 3 times. And every time, they grow back. The last time, my mother FORCED me to get them pierced for my wedding. I wore earrings that day, and haven’t put in a pair since. I know it’s weird and not very girly, but again, don't really care.

42. I got my belly button pierced during my senior trip to Florida: Apparently, my dad didn’t know about this one! Sorry dad! I figured that at some point during the last 13 years, you ran into an old photo album of mine in the house, with me lying in a nasty tattoo parlor in Panama City, Florida, letting a tat-covered freak stick a needle thru my navel. Kim Ashford let me do it. It’s all her fault.

44. I’ve seen Widespread Panic 9 times: WSP is a band. If you don’t know them, then more than likely, you wouldn’t like their “dope-smoking, hippie” music. Good ol’ college days!

49. I don’t wash my towels until they start to smell: Now, c’mon people! You all know that you do this. I guess I’m the only one that will admit it??

And now the sappy part…

65. I get the same feeling in my stomach today that I got 15 years ago when I think of Winterlight at Camp Kanuga in Hendersonville, NC: Throughout highschool and one year in college, I went to NC to an Episcopal youth conference, both in the winter and sometimes in the summer. This is probably the period in my life that I get the most emotional about. A few of the people that I went with, and a few that I met along the way are probably some of the truest friends that I’ve ever had. We did everything together. And for those that lived in other states, we wrote letters and called, and met up once or twice a year. And we always picked up right where we left off. This went on for 4 years and then we all went our separate ways. Now we are in Texas, California, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. A few of us stayed in touch over the years, but now we are all back together because of the wonderful world wide web and this addictive thing called Facebook. We don’t talk all of the time like we used to. But just knowing where they are and how they are doing gives me a level of comfort, a smile on my face, and yes, the occasional lump in my throat.

Oh, and one more thing – yes, I love to drink milk with spaghetti. It’s not gross, it just reminds me of my childhood. We only had 2 choices at dinner - milk or water. A rule that will definitely be carried on at Burleson family dinners.

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