Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm blaming it on you, Mom

My life would be so much easier if I wasn't so picky. It's all mom's fault! Granite or Marble in the bathroom? A normal person would just pick one and go on with their life. Me? I care too much. I have to research each, review the thousands of color choices, and once I think I've made my decision, I change my mind. What if I want to repaint the bathroom in 5 years and my original choice doesn't look good anymore? What color towels can I have with the countertop color? I think about these things. It makes my life very stressful.

Top 10 things I'm stressing about:

10. We have to have the house leveled. Construction has stopped until we find someone to level it. The first guy we talked to can't get to it until February. WHAT? FEBRUARY?? Is there really a big demand for this?
9. Countertops in the masterbath, as mentioned above. I have nightmares about picking the wrong one.
8. Plumbing fixtures. Do I choose the Orleans series or the Botanical series? Did anyone know that there are 1.6 million different bath faucets to choose from? And I need to see all 1.6 million before I can make a decision.
7. Backsplash in the kitchen. Will wants one tile, I want another. Normally, we compromise and I get my way. But, I don't think it's going to happen on this one. I'm not dealing with defeat very well.
6. Railing on the new stairs. I am probably the ONLY person in the world that thinks about this more than just a few minutes. Does anyone notice the railing on stairs? Probably not. I do.
5. I've packed away my guestroom and I need to get something out of there. The only problem is that it's in the far corner of the room. It might take me hours to find this one little bag of grosgrain ribbon. And, the air conditioner is off. It's 127 degrees in there.
4. Will got to pick out the appliances. The range is 30 inches deep. Most professional ranges are 27 deep. Cabinets are 24 deep. If I have to have my kneecaps replaced before the age of 35, it's Will's fault.
3. Bathroom tile. These tile guys are getting away with murder. Can someone really quote me $25 per sq foot to install 22 cent tile around my tub? How can he live with himself?
2. My wood floors. If anyone messes them up, I might kill them. It won't be pretty.
1. Did I mention that we have to have the house leveled, and that there's no activity at my house until we get it done? The house leveler must not know that I'm living with my in-laws. The longer we wait, the longer I live there.


Julie said...

I promise I'm laughing with you and not at you as I read this post! ;)

I suggest stocking the in-laws house with LOTS of alcohol to get through this process! :)

Beth said...

i feel your, dad