Monday, October 1, 2012

Keeping it real

I'm about to show you insanity.  It's cray cray around here.

I like to challenge myself every once in awhile, and the best way to do that is to invite 5 college girlfriends for the weekend in the middle of a reno.  Ah...nothing like a little pressure to get shit moving.

We started painting the exterior of the house last week.  I'm super happy with how the color turned out, seeing as Will and I went completely custom.  3/4 of the house is painted, but we have one side with rotted wood that needs to be replaced.  And you would think that a carpenter would be easy to come by.  Nope.  At least not one that wants to do any work!  We finally found someone to start today but they don't speak any English.  ZERO.  But did they show up?  NO!  And the only way I can communicate with the guy is through my painter.  Speaking of, he didn't show up today either.

I'm still picking out a front door color.  And we have the top to a lovely armoire hanging out on the front porch.  Why?  Because we can't get it upstairs.  So, Will is getting a scissor lift delivered from his office today to raise it up and take it through the upstairs porch.  Never a dull moment.

While we are outside, see that lovely trash trailer?  It's been sitting in my driveway since April 14th.  We have filled it 4 times and probably have one more round before we are done.  And then I never want to see that thing ever again.  A few weeks ago, I think something crawled into it and decided to die.  So not only is it an eye sore, it smells like shit.

We are definitely enjoying our new kitchen (which doubles as a catchall/work bench/project room).  Except for the little fact that the oven doesn't work.  We have a working oven upstairs, although "working" isn't really the correct term for it.  Let's just say that it gets hot. So, how fun is it that we have to go upstairs to cook anything in the oven!?!  Exercise and cook at the same time!

I have until noon on Thursday to get this place in order.  Which means that people better start showing up to work and my to-do list gets shorter.

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