Friday, June 29, 2012

Craigslist score!

Last night I went on my first Craigslist adventure.  Yes, I was a craigslist virgin.  I've sold a washer and dryer on there, but never purchased anything.  I've been looking for 6 dining chairs that have a wood frame but upholstered seats and backs.  Not parsons chairs.  And not necessarily Louis-style chairs.  I wasn't really going to be super picky because then it would take me 10 years to find what I wanted.

All I knew was that I wanted to paint and reupholster them.  I think I've been reading too much Little Green Notebook.  She makes DIY seem so easy  And I am not a DIY girl.  

So when I found 6 chairs this week for $45 each, I jumped on it.  Melanie and I loaded up the kids in their truck and trekked into Austin to pick up these beauties (with a McDonald's stop for ice cream as our bribe to the kids).

Aren't they just fantastic in all of their 1980's beach house glory??  I was shocked to find out that the lady, a retired decorator, had spent $400 a piece on these in 2000.  Seriously?  You bought these in the year 2000?    DUMB.

I have big plans for them though.  Here are a few of my inspiration pics, all from Pinterest.

I have an obsession with chairs.  Adding these to my collection makes 10 total chairs that I need to reupholster.  Does that qualify as an addiction?

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