Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reindeer Games

Over the holidays, my neighborhood had a bit of a problem with the local reindeer population.  Two reindeer made their way into Old Town, and then they decided to mate and reproduce.  To add to the fun, they invited their friends and Santa into the hood.  And let me tell you, these kids were not shy. 

The first spotting.  My yard on December 16th.  Right next to my for sale sign. 

Their first rooftop appearance.  With my husband. 

They even made their way into our homes when we were out of town.  You know...to take advantage of the bedroom. 

Then they started multiplying.

And asked their friends to join in on the fun. 

They even decided to get busy in our cars...while listening to Christmas CDs.

On New Year's Eve, a few of them decided to visit our lovely Prom King. 

Another rooftop visit with the entire gang.

Partying with the crew.

And finally, one of these pesky critters decided to be really cute, and decorate my yard with lights.  Yep...my realtor even drove by and saw this one, along with all of the planes making their way to and from the Georgetown airport. 


Donna said...

Now that is pretty funny! Lmao

Nicole Hood said...

Makes me smile everytime. Plus, the Prom King is one hot stud! ;-)