Monday, May 10, 2010

You should really be friends with her.

Have you ever had a friendship that was forced? Most likely by your mother? That's what I feel like with PMB. It's a forced friendship at this point and I will be letting my mother down if I break up with him. So, I keep on going.

In an effort to get my creative juices flowing, I've decided to do a little project that I've named 30 Days of Lovely. 30 days of things that make me happy. And I will try my best not to turn this into a family brag blog for 30 days. Because those don't make me happy. Gag me.

I think I came up with this to keep my mind off of work. Because quite frankly, it sucks at the moment. As in, shoot me in the head and stab me in the eyes sucks. I'm just telling it like it is, folks.

1 comment:

Julie said...

I'm sorry work sucks right now but that works out great for us since you'll be posting again! :)