Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Quick, somebody call 911!

I had my first heartattack at the age of 30. At least I think it was a heartattack. It might have been a mini-stroke. Either way, it wasn't fun.

I walked into my house, which is a complete disaster, and saw THIS:

My beautiful dining room ceiling, which was NOT supposed to be touched, is ripped and drawn on. It looks like a 3 yr old got a hold of it! This is when I had the heartattack/mini-stroke.

On another note, we have stairs!! Here are a few pics of the framing that is taking place in the attic and my new staircase. It doesn't look like I'll be able to have overweight guests from the look of those stairs though. If anyone wants to come visit the Burlesons, you better cut out carbs and sodas or else you'll be sleeping on the couch!


Kate said...

Ok so you can't just keep us in suspense! Why is the hole there?

Mimi and Will Burleson said...

It's a recessed can light that they are having to move b/c of additional support in the ceiling.

Kate said...

Ok seriously - need some new posts here. These Hungarian nights are long and I haven't found anyone who bathes regularly enough to snuggle up with. No offense to any Hungarians who might be reading this of course. :)