Wednesday, August 29, 2007

And We're Off!

Part 2 of the Burleson remodel is finally starting! After months (actually years) of planning, we have finally set a start date. We break ground on Tuesday, September 4th. This week, we are packing up, moving everything we own into the guest room (it’s a big guest room), and are starting to move in with the in-laws. Wish us luck with that one! We are planning to redo the kitchen/pantry/utility room, renovate the master bathroom and closet, and add a bedroom and bathroom upstairs. Hopefully this will only take us a few months, and that we are back into our house by Christmas. Will is much more optimistic than I am. I’m setting very low expectations so that I don’t have to duke it out with the general contractor.

Here are some pictures of Part 1, which took place about 3 years ago. We replaced all of the old wood with new Hardie Plank. We also repainted the house so that it wasn’t the same color as my skin. In true Burleson fashion, we started out doing it ourselves. That quickly ended when Mimi noticed that the house down the street was painted in 3 days, and I had been working for 3 months on a 10x10 section. Who knew paint brushes were a thing of the past! I quickly outsourced the work and we finally finished the project. Now, it’s time to tackle the inside!

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Julie said...

I know I'm going to LOVE reading your blog! So glad I sucked you into the world of blogging! ;)